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Saint Raphael Group, Inc

  General introduction

Saint Raphael Nursing Services, Inc.

This is what we do
The staff at Saint Raphael Nursing Services Inc. provides homemaking and personal care services to residents of Wichita and surrounding communities within a 100 mile radius of our home office. We provide CNA’S/HHA’S and non-medical aide to assist clients with housekeeping, laundry, errands, meal preparation, and personal care.

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Saint Raphael Feasts

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All about you by the Saint Raphael Group, Inc

All About You by the Saint Raphael Group, Inc.  is authorized by the state of Kansas to offer payroll, Financial Management Services, through the state of Kansas. This service was formerly called “self-direct” care.  The Medicaid FE, PD and TBI waivers offer this service to Client’s who wish to hire, fire and direct their services. The Agency offers Workman’s Compensation and Unemployment benefits on behalf of the client as a part of this service.

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Upon the clients request the agency offers assistance and guidance in hiring and firing workers. We also offer upon request of the client

  1. Specific training involving care
  2. TB test
  3. HIPPA training
  4. Blood Bourne pathogens
  5. Drug testing
  6. Background checks

For more information please feel free to contact the office

We accept self-direct or FMS clients over the entire state of Kansas.